Rhode Island WIC Income Guidelines

This page provides the WIC Income Guidelines in Rhode Island. The WIC staff uses this to determine if you are income eligible for RI WIC benefits. In some situations, you may be automatically income eligible if you or a family member is currently receiving benefits from other state programs including SNAP (Food stamps), TANF or Medicaid. Review the Rhode Island Income Eligibility Guidelines below.

To view the full application process, how to apply for WIC in Rhode Island. If you still have questions or issues about the income guidelines or the states WIC application process, then contact the Rhode Island WIC program for further assistance.

Family Size Annual *Monthly Twice-Monthly Bi-Weekly *Weekly
1 $22,459 $1,872 $936 $864 $432
2 $30,451 $2,538 $1,269 $1,172 $586
3 $38,443 $3,204 $1,602 $1,479 $740
4 $46,435 $3,870 $1,935 $1,786 $893
5 $54,427 $4,536 $2,268 $2,094 $1,047
6 $62,419 $5,202 $2,601 $2,401 $1,201
7 $70,411 $5,868 $2,934 $2,709 $1,355
8 $78,403 $6,534 $3,267 $3,016 $1,508
Each Child > 8 +$7,992 +$666 +$333 +$308 +$154
*Figures are rounded upward to the nearest dollar

Effect on Family Size with a Pregnancy
An applicant pregnant woman who does not meet the Rhode Island WIC income eligibility requirements on the basis of her current family size and income shall be reassessed for eligibility based on a family size increased by one, or by the number of expected multiple births.

Please note, proof of multiple births is required following standard procedure. In situations where the family size has been increased for a pregnant woman, the same increased family size should also be used for any of the categorically eligible family members.

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