Kingwood WIC Locations TX

This page provides a list of Kingwood WIC clinics in Texas. We provide the office hours, phone number and address for each listing below. If you are looking to apply for the Texas WIC program, then you will need to find a Kingwood WIC clinic near you to call and schedule an appointment. When you are talking to the staff scheduling your appointment, we highly recommend you verify what information you need to bring with you as the information they provide will help the staff determine if you and your family are eligible to receive Texas WIC benefits.

In most cases they will need to get the height and weight for each person applying. Once they determine you are eligible, you will receive information about the Texas WIC program and your WIC checks/vouchers, or depending on your state, a Texas WIC EBT Card. They will be used to purchased WIC approved foods at your local grocery store. To find out more about the application process, how to apply for Texas WIC. To find out more about what foods you can purchase, Texas WIC approved food list.

If you have questions or issues about your benefits, then contact one of the Kingwood WIC locations below. They can help. If you are planning to move to a new location either in state or out of state, you will also need to notify your local WIC clinic in Kingwood. In most cases the staff will provide you with a Verification of Certification Card (VOC). Make sure you keep this in a safe place, because when you move you will need to contact one of the WIC locations near your new address and give them your VOC to prove you are receiving Texas WIC benefits. Even if you move out of state, this will allow you to continue to receive your benefits until they expire, at which point you will need to re-apply.

If you cannot find a location on this page, then try our WIC Clinic Search page. There you can search using your address to find a Kingwood WIC location closes to you. If you still cannot find a location, or if you are unable to find answers to your question or issues, then we recommend contacting the Texas WIC program for further assistance.

PLEASE NOTE: It appears we could not find a WIC clinic in Kingwood Texas. We went ahead and searched for any location within 40 miles of this city and listed all the WIC clinics we found below.

Kingwood WIC Locations TX
Humble Health Center WIC

8950 Will Clayton Pkwy Suite A
Humble, TX 77338

Distance: 3.9 Miles View Details | View Map
Aldine Community WIC

5198 Aldine Mail Route
Houston, TX 77039

Distance: 9.6 Miles View Details | View Map
Cypress Station WIC Center

221 FM 1960 West
Houston, TX 77090

Distance: 10.2 Miles View Details | View Map
New Caney WIC Clinic

21134 Hwy 59 North
New Caney, TX 77357

Distance: 10.3 Miles View Details | View Map
UT Aldine Clinic WIC

12819 Aldine Westfield Drive
Houston, TX 77039

Distance: 10.8 Miles View Details | View Map
Red Oak WIC Center

830 FM 1960 West Suite 17
Houston, TX 77090

Distance: 10.9 Miles View Details | View Map
UT Greenspoint WIC Clinic

11120 North Freeway Suite B
Houston, TX 77037

Distance: 11.6 Miles View Details | View Map
Northeast WIC Center

9720 Spaulding Street
Houston, TX 77016

Distance: 12.8 Miles View Details | View Map
Emerald Plaza WIC Center

11509 Veterans Memorial Drive 400
Houston, TX 77067

Distance: 13.8 Miles View Details | View Map
Northside WIC Center

8504 Schuller
Houston, TX 77093

Distance: 14.4 Miles View Details | View Map
Acres Homes WIC

6719 West Montgomery
Houston, TX 77091

Distance: 15.5 Miles View Details | View Map
Fallbrook WIC Center

14901 Hwy 249 Tomball Pkwy Su
Houston, TX 77086

Distance: 16.4 Miles View Details | View Map
Antoine Health Center WIC

5815 Antoine Suite A
Houston, TX 77091

Distance: 18.0 Miles View Details | View Map
Denver Harbor WIC Center

6402 Market Street
Houston, TX 77020

Distance: 18.3 Miles View Details | View Map
North Channel WIC Clinic

13457 East Freeway
Houston, TX 77015

Distance: 18.7 Miles View Details | View Map
La Nueva Casa WIC

1809 North Main
Houston, TX 77009

Distance: 18.8 Miles View Details | View Map
The West End Health Center WIC

190 Heights Blvd
Houston, TX 77007

Distance: 19.7 Miles View Details | View Map
Spring Branch WIC Clinic

8575 Pitner
Houston, TX 77080

Distance: 20.2 Miles View Details | View Map
Hunting Bayou WIC

11430 I-10 East Suite 340
Houston, TX 77007

Distance: 20.5 Miles View Details | View Map
Magnolia Multi Service Center WIC

7037 Capitol #201
Houston, TX 77011

Distance: 20.8 Miles View Details | View Map
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